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What to Expect

We know visiting a church for the first time can be a bit intimidating, so here's what you can expect on Sunday morning
When You Arrive

We share in fellowship time before worship. We begin to gather around 11am and worship begins at 11:15am, so arrive early to meet some folks or arrive on time (or a few minutes late) for worship. Worship lasts anywhere between 45min to an hour.

Our front parking lot is located at 800 W Mission Rd, San Marcos, CA 92069, you can enter our parking lot from there and park in any open spot!

Walk up the center walkway between our education building and our sanctuary. You'll find the entrance to the Sanctuary on your left and the glass doors will be open and waiting for you, so come on in!

Inside the doors you'll find our social hall on the right and the sanctuary on the left. Depending on your time of arrival you can join us for fellowship time and refreshments or you can enter the Sanctuary for worship. We are a worshiping community of a few dozen people, so there's plenty of space and you'll have the opportunity to meet everyone. Sit anywhere you'd like! 

What to Wear

Whether you're in your Sunday Best or your favorite jeans and t-shirt, you're welcome here. Dress to be comfortable and come to worship.

Who is Welcome

You. You are welcome here. Where ever you've been and wherever you are, this is a place where you are wanted. We've all had a journey that's brought us here. We're just grateful for the opportunity to gather and share this part of the journey together. 

The Worship Experience

We gather around a more traditional worship experience with liturgy and hymns. You'll receive an order of worship on the way in where you'll find the order of the day, the words to the common prayers, and our scripture lessons for the day. In the pews you'll find Hymnals which we often use for pieces of the service, but don't worry, we always let you know what page we'll be on.

Kids in Worship

Kids are welcome to join us in worship! At this time, we don't have childcare available during service, but we love having young disciples in worship with us! If you or your little ones need to get up and move a bit, we encourage you to do so.

Bathrooms and Accessibility

Bathrooms are located at the end of the hallway between the Sanctuary and the Social Hall. Our property is ADA accessible. If you need assistance at any time, please just let someone know and we'd be happy to help! 

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